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Chapter 2: IVF - Egg Retrieval

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

When those words were first mentioned, I literally pictured something completely different happening than what really happened. lol… The process for me was not a pleasant one other than the overwhelming positive outcome at the end!

On Day 1 of the ovarian stimulation (stem) process, I received a package of medication…. This would be the start of a 2-3 shot per day protocol that would cause my body to rapidly increase the number of eggs each ovary would make; in order to all be retrieved for the IVF process.

“...the start of a 2-3 shot per day protocol that would cause my body to rapidly increase the number of eggs each ovary would make...”

Over the next couple of days, we went into the office almost daily to have blood work and ultrasounds done to ensure that I was progressing appropriately.  Every day, I became more and more uncomfortable as my abdomen became more distended, on top of having to still give myself injections in said distended abdomen. I was supposed to do this for about 10 days or so, then give myself a trigger shot a few days prior to retrieval.

Then, seven days into the stem process, during a doctor’s visit one early Saturday morning, I got the phone call that my cousin Nikki had lost her battle to cancer and gone home to be with our GOD. I felt lost. I tried to hold it together until after I saw the physician. I could hear her telling me to keep it together, but I couldn’t. It was a devastating blow for me, and with each gut wrenching tear, my distended abdomen ached with pain. So for that reason alone, I had to get it together, because it literally hurt to cry.

The physician placed me on bed rest for the next few days. I was instructed to give myself the trigger shot that night and they would retrieve my eggs first thing Monday morning. Monday came without incident, my cousins services weren’t until after my egg retrieval so I was grateful for that.

We arrived at the clinic and I was immediately brought to the back and put in a gown; since I was so uncomfortable. My doctor came in and explained what was about to happen and stated they would update me when I wake up from the procedure; which would only take about 20-30 minutes.

When the retrieval process was finally over… I was informed that they are were able to retrieve FIFTY-ONE eggs from my ovaries!!!! It finally made sense why I felt the way I did! I was relieved.. mentally and physically.

I was up and about within just a few hours with the help of my husband, and we had successfully made it through the retrieval process!

Next, a certain number of eggs were fertilized and grown into embryos… and that gets you up to speed for present day!

Stay tuned for the embryo transfer blog coming soon!


The details of my process are from my personal standpoint, not a professional one. No part of this blog is meant to be used as medical advice.

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