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IVF Obstacles

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

At the moment I’m just dealing with the lot of emotional aspects of infertility instead of the physical. Knowing that my embryos are frozen and just waiting to be transferred and that we still aren’t ready to transfer is sometimes emotionally painful. In January we were preparing to transfer one of our embryos but my body wasn’t responding to hormone therapy. We had to stop the process to try to allow my body to reset itself. I was devastated at this news!

Being told that you now have to wait even longer for you bundle of joy is the hardest thing to do—especially since we were so close to transferring.

I keep having to remind myself that 1 in 8 couples deals with infertility and that I am not alone in this journey. But as my friends and other people around me are constantly announcing that they are expecting – whether they were trying to conceive or not—it still hits me like a ton of bricks every single time. It always takes me a while to recover and get back on an even kill and try to go about life knowing that that will one day be me.

Even though I know that we will be blessed with our bundle of joy very soon, it is still difficult dealing with the emotions of others around me getting pregnant.

There are so many mixed emotions involved, though I am overjoyed for them, it is still extremely hard for me to not have the thoughts of “when will it be my turn”, “why hasn’t it happened for me yet”. Every day in fertility treatment is a constant battle for all involved. Couples in fertility treatment are constantly having to brace themselves for things that people on the outside looking in might say that could potentially hurt your feelings. I go through this roller coaster of being happy that I’ve been given the chance to go the IVF route; to being sad that we still haven’t conceived despite the time, money and effort that we have put into it so far.

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