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IVF with Paging Dr. Dietz

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Welcome to my personal blog page!!! I started this page in hopes to share my life with those who matter to me most… and those interested in life as Dr. Dietrich.  I am so much more than what I share on Social Media and I figured this would be the best place to detail who I truly am.

Currently, my amazing husband (Julian) and I are right in the middle of IVF treatment. This journey to create a family has been long and extremely trying.

“God has kept us steadfast on the end result and we are so close we can feel it.”

After struggling to conceive and struggling with loses, followed by a diagnosis with an autoimmune disorder, we knew it was time to take more aggressive measures.

Some were not supportive of us undergoing fertility treatment, stating we should just “keep trying naturally and it would happen eventually.”  The sad reality is that 1 in 8 couples struggle to build a family, and that struggle is REAL guys!!!! I’ve lost people in my life — friends and family alike– who either did not understand the process or were not completely supportive when times got hard for us.

I plan to detail the entire journey……… But let me tell you where we are now!!!!

We are on track as of today to transfer one of our viable embryos in the next couple of weeks. I start back giving myself injections Saturday (not excited) and will start the process to prepare my uterus for our precious bundle of joy.

Our Personal Details

Please be understanding for now, as I am a little cautious to share exact dates and times of the process. Every part of this ain’t puppy dogs and Sunshine so stick with me as I show you “Pages in the life of Dr. Dietrich”

Stay with me on my journey, I will be sure to not disappoint

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