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KEEP Collective Bracelets

When picking out bridesmaids gifts for my wedding, I wanted something unique and that would be special to each woman I chose to include in my wedding. A friend of mine was a designer for KEEP collective and I instantly fell in love with their products. The center Pavé piece was included on everyone's bracelet, including mine. Then, each additional charm was added based on my special connection with them. I then added each of their charms to my bracelet so that I could always remember them.

My sister was my maid-of honor. Her bracelet has the infinity symbol because our bond is continuing and everlasting, with no breaks.

My cousin Tiffany had the bracelet with the leaf. Being that we are only 22 months apart and practically raised as sisters, the leaf represented us coming from the same tree, even if of different branches.

My cousin Nikki had the bracelet with charm that read “blessed”. Her and I shared an unexplained bond. The year before my wedding, during a planning party actually, she revealed to me that she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that had spread immensely throughout her body. She told me that the Lord had blessed her in this life and she would be beside me at the alter no matter what. So this charm was perfect for her.

My step-daughter Jasmine had the bracelet with the arrow. Because though I came into her life when she was much older and already in college, I promised her that I would always be there to guide her through whatever happened, thus the arrow.

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