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Should We Date While Married? It's a Date!

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Does crossing over into the “marriage” stage mean that the “dating” stage should stop? Of course not! But we all know that it is easier said than done, even though it’s very important to keep the spice in the relationship.  What will always be true, is that marriage takes WORK… and though some days will require less work than others, work at it we must.

Julian and I make it a point to come up with fun and exciting things to do, and it doesn’t have to be something extravagant; its the thought that counts. Most times we find a restaurant that we have been wanting to try to plan a nice night out for the two of us– from Uber rides, pre-dinner drinks, and after dinner dancing…. we make a complete night of it!

“...and it doesn't have to be something's the thought that counts.”

One of our favorite spots for date night is STK Atlanta. We have been here TWICE for date night, couples double date night, AND NYE 2017! The ambiance is so romantic and the food is everything it says it is on the menu.  It is situated close enough to the sights of downtown if we decide to venture out for a night on the city but not too far off the interstate if we drive in from home.

Tips & Tricks for Date Night

I think it’s key to remember that marriage doesn’t mean all the fun from dating should end. We try to remember a few key things to keep the spice in our relationship:

  1. Plan your date night in advance… it gives you both something to look forward to (and all those giddy emotions from dating). Even if its only the morning of, surprise your significant other with a text telling them that you have something planned for dinner already.

  2. Make sure that it’s something that you BOTH will enjoy doing. The worse thing one can do is to plan selfishly, leaving one or both parties open to possibly not enjoying themselves.  If you are anything like me, he can plan something involving food and most likely he can never go wrong.

  3. We made a rule that there would be no cellphones allowed– except for pictures and for the children!! Cellphones are an easy distraction from the wonderful person sitting right in front of you.

  4. Dress up if appropriate– After years of dating and maybe even years of marriage, its easy to forget to “go all out” for your spouse… but GO ALL OUT!!  I promise that when I put a little bit more effort into my make up and throw on something other than scrubs, I instantly feel better about myself and I get to remind him why he married me.

Stay tuned for more featuring “Dating the Dietrich’s”.

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